The Rebirths of Tao Announcement! Huzzah!

Have a fantastic announcement today. Probably the worst kept secret since the Templars infiltrated the Rockettes (Oh, you didn’t know?) but we’ve officially gone green light with The Rebirths of Tao!

Wesley Chu: ”I am thrilled to continue the Tao series with Angry Robot Books. Together, over the past two years, the ill-tempered droids and I have  gloriously kicked the crap out of Roen and Tao, and laid waste to those human-loving Prophus. Now, it’s death, taxes, and the Genjix. People of Earth, prepare for the final battle. You’re about to get rocked.”

Lee Harris: “Roen and Tao’s story became a firm favourite as soon as we published book 1, The Lives of Tao. Book 2 confirmed Wesley’s talent, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the conclusion!”

The Rebirths of Tao

Five years have passed since the events in The Deaths of Tao. The world is split into pro-Prophus and pro-Genjix factions, and is poised on the edge of a devastating new World War. A Gengix scientist who defects to the other side holds the key to preventing bloodshed on an almost unimaginable scale.

With the might of the Gengix in active pursuit, Roen is the only person who can help him save the world, and the Quasing race, too.

Here’s the official announcement












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One Response to The Rebirths of Tao Announcement! Huzzah!

  1. David says:

    I started Deaths and after 10 pages decided to put it aside and go find Lives. I read both in order and can hardly wait ’til December. I am an avid reader (150+ novels a year for more than 50 years) but this is only the second time I have gone out of my way to send kudos and thanks to an author.
    Great work kid!!!

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