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Huffington Post Review!

Huffington Post is my #2 news go-to site. The first, of course, is The Daily Show. So obviously, I’m pretty chuffed that The Lives of Tao received a review on their Books site. You can read it HERE!

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The Next Big Thing Blog Tour

My friend Matt Forbeck tapped me to join in the Next Big Thing blog tour. Now, to be honest, I’m a slacker. Laura Lam had tapped me four or so months ago. And I slacked. And slacked. I am a terrible human … Continue reading


The Signing (Non-M. Night Shyamalan version)

It all started with an expensive email. Wait, let me back track. I’m sure the Great Angry Robots Open submission of 2011 is old news now. But in case you don’t follow their every spoken word (like I do), here’s … Continue reading


Congratulations Laura Lam for signing with Strange Chemistry Books!

Writing is a pretty solitary career. Unlike many other fields, an author can literally go through their entire career without actually having to talk to anyone. My first two manuscripts were written in coffee shops all over Chicago by my … Continue reading


Get Published Or Die Trying

So, in the course of human events for an author’s career, there are usually four milestones that they strive for. They are: 1. The first page – Face it, baby steps. Even Stephen King at some point had to sit … Continue reading


Book Review: Carpathia by Matt Forbeck

I don’t usually read historical fiction or horror. So when an advanced copy of CARPATHIA by Matt Forbeck landed on my kindle, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But by the next morning, after barely sleeping a wink, I can … Continue reading

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Stephen King Submission

My editor at Famous Monsters Of Filmland just sent me this a few minutes ago. It was a submission letter that Stephen King at the tender age of 14 sent to the editor of Spacemen Magazine. The editor, Forrest Ackerman,  at first rejected … Continue reading


Book Review: Empire State by Adam Christopher

If I had to describe Empire State in my own words, I’d be at a complete loss except for the following: read Empire State. At the heart of Adam Christopher’s fine debut novel is a crime noir escapade set during … Continue reading

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