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Ain’t over until the skinny chef sings! (The fat ones already did!)

So all good things must come to an end, or do they? This is a bit late of a post, but hey, it is NFL playoff weekend isn’t it? ┬áBy the way, grats Giants. I wanted Niners to win, but … Continue reading

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Congrats Beverly for winning Restaurant Wars!

Congratulations to my sister-in-law Beverly Kim for winning the most anticipated episode of Top Chef, Restaurant Wars. After taking constant abuse from Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters (Mini-Heather and Prom Queen) all episode, her mouth-watering ribs saved her team and won her … Continue reading


Top Chefery

My little sister-in-law, Beverly Kim, is currently on the Bravo reality cooking show: Top Chef Texas. For fans of the show, you’ll know her as the krying korean. Let’s be fair, she only cried…a few times…in the first few episodes. … Continue reading

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